Message from the President

Maureen Martz
PAFCS President, 2016 - 2017

Thank you for this honor.  I would like to take a moment and thank Esther Aloia for her commitment and dedication to this organization over the last year. My hope is that I can show the same dedication and commitment that she has done. Please join me in congratulating Esther for a job well done!

As I thought about my vision for the coming year this quote from Dale Earnhardt Jr came to mind, “My father could look straight ahead but concentrate on something on the very edge of his vision, almost nearly behind him.” My vision is to focus on three key ingredients: honoring our past, treasuring the present, and shaping the future of Family and Consumer Sciences. We need to look at all of these elements and continue to strive to achieve the mission of our profession. Everything that we do has an impact on someone or something. Our predecessors set the foundation and handed over the keys to us. Knowing that it is our turn, we need to unlock the future. As Julia Childs. would always say, “No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”

It is often stated that no one does what we do, and there are claims that what we do needs to be incorporated more fully in schools. As a profession, we need to show our “Keys,” symbolizing our skills, our programs, our organization, all in an effort to unlock the future of society. When nothing goes right….go left.” (Dale Earnhardt, Jr).   Hoping to unlock someone else's future, we can start building upon this by taking the knowledge that we have gained over the last couple of days and apply it to what we teach in our future classes. As Ellen Swallow Richards once said: Home Economics stands for the ideal home life for today unhampered by the traditions of the past and the utilization of all the resources of modern science to improve home life.”

It is a great pleasure to stand up here today and know that we, as a group, have the “Keys” to the future. Over the last year, I have learned a great deal about what goes on behind the scenes in preparing for this important conference every year. Without the foundation that was built before us, we would not have this present opportunity to meet and share our great “Keys.” Also, we need to build on our “Keys” and continue to shape the future of our profession. Some look at this as a time away from the classroom and their families; while others might just sit back and complain about it. I look at this opportunity as a way to treasure what we teach and promote as a profession. Many other professionals do not have this opportunity to meet and share what is currently going on in their field or get to see some of the great new resources that are out there. I ask you to reflect on what you have learned at these conferences, either in the present or past which has changed how you prepare for the future. This conference has been here for many years to help bring us together as a professional group.  It is here now, but it falls to us in the present to keep it alive for the future.”

What would happen if this conference were gone or did not exist anymore? Where would you get current information? Who would you go to for help? Some might say, “Well, I will just use social media,” but I want you to think outside of that. As we close out this conference in just a little while, I want you to think about what you are doing to unlock the future. Some of you are the past; however, we all are the present, and the future will need us. According to Dale Earnhardt “It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to better yourself.”

I challenge you to embrace the three “Keys” of honoring the past, treasuring the present, and shaping the future of Family and Consumer Sciences. I encourage you all to come out next April and join us in State College as we focus on these three “Keys.”

I am honored to serve as your 2016-2017 PAFCS President. My own personal goal for the year is to help as many people as possible to realize the future of Family and Consumer Sciences and PAFCS. As an organization, we still need to honor our past, treasure our present, and work as hard as we can to shape the future.  Thank You.

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