Family and Consumer Sciences Standards (National and Pennsylvania)


The Family and Consumer Sciences National Standards are available.


The national standards were developed by the National Association of State Administrators for Family and Consumer Sciences (NASAFACS). In May 2005, NASAFACS initiated a project to update the national standards and developed the new National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Second Edition (NASAFACS 2008).  


The curriculum standards organize the subject matter and processes of Family and Consumer Sciences Education, provide a strong and clear conceptualization of the field, and establish a common direction for program development and revision at the national, state, and local levels.


The National Standards include both academic and occupational content. The standards are a framework for states to use on a voluntary basis by choosing areas of study and individual standards that fit their philosophy and needs.

FACS National Standards contain:

Comprehensive Standard--describes the overall area.

Content Standards--relate expectations of the learner.

Competencies--define knowledge, skills, and practices.

Academic proficiencies--relate language arts, mathematics, and science statements to content standards.

Process Questions--guide students in thinking and reasoning about contextual problems.

Scenario Samples--present authentic life and work situations in a problem-solving context.


FACS National Standards provide guidelines for developing programs that give students the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors for family life, work, and careers in sixteen areas of study.

Reasoning for Action

Career, Community, and Family Connections

Consumer and Family Resources

Education & Early Childhood

Facilities Management and Maintenance


Family and Community Services

Food Production and Services

Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

Housing, Interiors, and Furnishings

Human Development

Interpersonal Relationships

Nutrition and Wellness


Textiles, Fashion, and Apparel


The Pennsylvania Family and Consumer Sciences Standards have been officially adopted and are available from the PA Department of Education web site or may be downloaded here:

Pennsylvania FCS State Standards (MS Word Document)

Pennsylvania FCS State Standards (pdf Document)




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